Bundock Street Housing Redevelopment


A family with 2 kids and 2 parents who are both in Defence

Department of Defence

The primary role of the Department of Defence is to defend Australia and its national interests, promote security and stability in the world and support the Australian community, as directed by the Government.

Defence Housing Australia provides housing and related services for Defence members and their families. Defence Housing Australia aspires to not just build quality housing but also build communities in the development areas.

The Department of Defence, Directorate of Relocations and Housing, has overarching responsibility for housing and relocation services being delivered to Defence members and families. The Bundock Street Housing Redevelopment is being initiated, planned and delivered by the Directorate of Relocations and Housing, in partnership with Defence Housing Australia, to supply a proposed 62 houses to Defence families on Bundock Street at the Randwick Barracks.

In April 2023, the Government released its Strategic Defence Review. This resulted in a reprioritisation of the Sydney Live-In Accommodation (LIA) project, which was proposing to construct 991 single-bedroom accommodation units at Randwick Barracks. The LIA project will not be proceeding at this time. The Bundock Street Housing Redevelopment Project is unaffected by the Defence Strategic Review and will proceed.

History of Randwick Barracks

The Randwick Barracks site has a long and interesting history. It was part of the traditional lands occupied by the Bidjigal and Gadigal people. The site usage has changed over time from being used as an informal rifle range to becoming the operational barracks that it still is today.

Pre - 1829

Original land of the Eora nation Bidjigal & Gadigal people

1829 - 1890

Land was used for church and school use

1863 illustration of Randwick RoadOld Rifle range map
1891 - 1920s

Randwick Rifle Range and School of Musketry

Randwick Rifle RangeSoldiers
1921 - 1942

End of long-range target training. Small Arms School established

tank hangar
1943 - 1967

Royal Australian Navy stores and buildings constructed. Used by the Australian and Allied armed forces during WWII. Sand mining and infill activities

Aerial photo
1960's - 1970's

Development of housing for Defence families adjacent to Bundock Street and other areas within Randwick Barracks

Aerial photo of Bundock Street
1980's - early 1990's

160 Defence Housing Australia dwellings - Moverly Green, South Coogee.
Quarters housing development

Newspaper clipping
1997 – mid 2000’s

Demolition of naval stores and former married quarters

Demolition naval stores married quarters aerial
Early 2000’s

Barracks Master Plan and Randwick City Council’s Development Control Plan (E1 Bundock Street DCP)

DCP master plan whole barracks

Randwick Environment Park and Community Centre delivered by Defence

Randwick environment park_community centre 2010
2016 - 2020

Navy Training Systems Centre.
Joongah Street housing development for Defence families

Navy training systems centre 2016Joongah St development
2021 onwards

Planning for Randwick Barracks Sydney Live-in Accommodation* and Bundock Street Housing Redevelopment

*In April 2023, the Government released its Strategic Defence Review. This resulted in a reprioritisation of the Sydney LIA project, and it will not be proceeding at this time.